Monday, May 9, 2011

Siiiiiiccckk NEW VIDEO from Big Pauper...(song off his new solo LP)

Video and Music by: Big Pauper (song off 'Beyond My Means' LP)
(created using Big Pauper's home-made circuit bent video instruments)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beyond Our Means TOUR 2011 (Brad Hamers & Big Pauper) performing in Europe

Beyond Our Means Tour - Europe - May 2011 (Brad will be on the road and in the air with Big Pauper...each performing separate sets)...check the dates below!

-Friday May 13th London, UK (Inspiral Lounge)

-Saturday May 14th Amsterdam, Netherlands (TBA)

-Sunday May 15th Hilversum, Netherlands (Het Wapen van Hilversum)

-Wednesday May 18th Muenster, Germany (SpecOps)

-Thursday May 19th Oberhausen, Germany (Drukluft/Oberhausen - skribble wohnzimmer)

-Friday May 20th Paris, France (The Gambetta)

-Saturday May 21st Berne, Switzerland (Raum)

-Monday May 23rd Zurich, Switzerland (TBA /unconfirmed)

-Tuesday May 24th Augsburg, Germany (Schwarezes Schaf)


(US West Coast Tour Dates Coming Soon)

"One of the best patches from [Big Pauper's] Folktek Collection for Kontakt"

The Folktek Collection Vol. 1 For Kontakt.
Available Now from

Seth Brown (Why I Must Be Careful, Merce Cunningham Duo) performing on an enormous MIDI keyboard keyed in to a mod-wheel based multi-sampled Folktek noise instrument from the Folktek Collection Vol. 1 for Kontakt. Rich and atmospheric sound designs are possible with the Folktek Collection. It's great for the Folktek fan on a budget (and a laptop).

Hallucinogenic brain-feed visuals by Big Pauper. (
Original Patches also by Big Pauper.
Based on the instruments of Ben Houston and Arius Blaze.

(Over 6 years in the making) Big Pauper's New Full-Length LP..Beyond My AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Big Pauper has had a busy twenty six years on earth. Formerly performing under the name Panzah Zandahz, Portland's Big Pauper is an acclaimed producer, deejay and visual artist with a penchant for forgotten media and discarded technologies. His ten year stint managing the abstract hip hop label Token Recluse found a wide variety of projects in his lap. Pauper established himself with the notoriety of a full length cut and paste reinterpretation of first Radiohead, and then Beck. In their wake, Pauper performed at Scribble Jam & the Red Bull Music Academy, toured Europe a handful of times and worked with the likes of Two Ton Sloth, Cut Chemist and the Dandy Warhols. Big Pauper also has been producing circuit bent video work within the world-renowned sound art collective Folktek and gearing his projects towards a variety of video-art installations.

His most recent effort "Beyond My Means" sits comfortably somewhere between a 93 era instrumental hip hop record and some of the best downtempo electronic work out there today. It is a dusty, glitchy and often times noisy tapestry of found sounds, VHS beats and analog synth textures. The album has it's roots deep in sixties psych rock, the dregs of new age tape crustiness, our waning industrial society and most evidently, schlock cinema (everything from Portuguese horror, to the sleaziest of nunsploitation). The album draws comparisons to recent works from the Books, Broadcast, Odd Nosdam and Edan. Beyond My Means unfolds like a grindhouse double feature, that private press record you can't believe you found, or your third eye chakra babbling on after a group reiki session.


New collage pieces by Brad Hamers (to sell on upcoming Europe Tour)