Saturday, October 2, 2010

DOPE NEW VIDEO: Big Pauper - Prairie Fire (Ambient Edit)

Video from the FREE "Cops Eat Flowers" EP by Big Pauper.
Available for download October 26th 2010 from Circle In To Square.

Special thanks go to Sam Green & Bill Siegel.
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Circuit bent Atari Video Music (C-240) BY BIG PAUPER

By Big Pauper: "I've been modifying Atari Video Music units to do my evil bidding. If you are unfamiliar with them, they were Atari's failed venture in to stereo visualizers (circa late seventies).... they produce blocky nauseating visuals to whatever sound you run through them. My bent version features much nicer visuals, a glitch patchbay, patchable potentiometers and best of all... composite video! I will post better video of the actual unit shortly."

Hit up Big Pauper HERE if you are interested in a bent version or if you'd like Big Pauper to bend yours. He also does commission bent video pieces.

Music: "Limp Dick (Computer Edit)" by Big Pauper

Big Pauper's Beautiful Circuit Bent Video Works

Fritz Box v. 2

Fritz Box v. 2

This is the first in a series of fritz boxes utilizing the same primitive video circuit. It is based on the same circuitry as the first one only it has been improved upon greatly. More solid glitch design, physical build and reliable results. The circuit was built in to some bizarre old motel pay-tv speaker box designed to look like a stack of books. Very kitschy. It utilizes a patchable telegraph for rhythmic MPC-like cuing of distortions. It also has a nice blue light faintly seen in the photo upon powering it on. Movie of this in action coming soon.

Fritzbox v. 1 (prototype)

Fritzbox v. 1 (prototype)

This is a prototype of what Big Pauper's come to call the fritz box. It is a patchable video glitch synth capable of a wide array of visual distortions. It is excellent at creating many different forms of "poor communication." A wide array of static, snow & fuzz. It also has a line in that can create visual distortions to the voltage fluctuation in music (something Big Pauper likes to make standard on all this stuff). This synth was built in to an old antique turntable box making it too delicate for sale.


Trouble-Online Presents Frietboer - Kaputix (Mini Beat Tapes - episode one)


some older video art fom Big Pauper

anonymous poem (found in our inbox)

'Up Your Ass'

today I'm depressed
I comb through old lovers in my mind
draft letters to them that I'll never send

Send them letters that I've never written
Try to hold my composure and look cool
not let on that I'm in love

My Doris. Would you like to know how I seek out for you and all the others
to fill me up.
But it's you I want to fill.

My Lesley do you know you represent the over sexualized synonym.
How I fantasize over my sink of you and that night you gave me the scare.
In your ass with you passed out in the fridge
How I cried out when you passed out in my arms.

And then I think of Africa and the big black snake.
I was told the man in the house will put a spell on you and sneak it up
your butt.