Saturday, May 8, 2010

a transcendent threat - by victor sousa

One in full quest of the spirit
Knows that the goal of life is death.
He's a good man. Good at what?
Generally people are only as good as circumstances
allow them to be.

I believe that all systems of government are corrupt.
And that ours is less corrupt than most.
That China will wait 500 tears before they make a move.
They are that patient.
And that the Muslims own half of Manhattan!

Watch out for Nancy Pelosi.
She's had so many facelifts she can't stop smiling!
Experience has taught me that it is never a good idea
to tell the truth to a cop.
Q. Are you a PC or a Mac?
A. I'm a man god dammit, not a machine!

Your money is racist.
I have a hooligan for a son.
There are a lot of unstable, irrational, people out there.
I'm always nice to my kid.
I don't want him to beat me when I'm old and feeble.

Sometimes I feel like I went straight from being too young
to being too old.
No in between. Aint that always the way?
Everyone gets to be young. Not everyone gets to be old.
Listen, some things you don't want to know.
The insolent and undisciplined.

It's just gaping holes these days.
Man, porn is getting too violent.
I believe in pro choice because I believe in women's liberation.
Kant - categorical imperative - human beings should always be treated as ends, never just means

Some days I don't eat. I'm like a boa constrictor...
By going out of your mind you come to your senses.
If you go looking for a fight, you'll probably find one.
My heart is heavy like a stone.
It's funny isn't it, how quickly love can turn to hate.

This is the great mystery at the center of things...
No man is beyond redemption.

A Lightning Strike.
The Philosopher King!

If the sublimation of libido is the foundation of civilization.
And sex is the clearest expression of libido
then sex is more of a threat to civilization than violence.
pedophile is such a ugly word.
Look at this guy! Look at his face! Like a fucking movie star!
RE: John Fowles, The Collector, They give this book to kids to read?

Listen Man. I need this shit for my mental health problems.
He's asking for a different kind of physician...
What kind of physician?
A Metaphysician.

Obama is the most radical president ever!
Yes, agreed, he is TOTALLY radical!
We are "atoms of consumption"!
I'm listening... I like to think I have an open mind.

There's a lot of ill will in this country.
Pragmatism expressed in the sentiment
Anything that happens, it must be for the best.
A sociopath is someone who is incapable of feeling empathy.

The Grandest of delusions of grandeur. I am the God of Gods.
The heart is deceitful above all things.
What could the next ten years teach that the last ten have not?
I didn't make this world.
The crime is the art.

No one really knows you like the people that knew when you were young.
What do you do? I play video games.
a transcendent threat.
I'm not a loser, I just haven't won yet.

The fiction is the truth. It is true life that lies.
I don't believe in God or the Devil. But I do believe in hell.
"white glove" service
Emerson: "These young men owe us a new world."

Emerson was the superior writer, Thoreau was the superior human being.
He who lives best thinks least about life.
You want to put me down because I want to be a ballerina!
You know, in my life I've embarrassed myself many times.
But, most of those times were when I was drunk.

I've never held a baby.
A medium cappuccino very dry.
Do you have a very dry cappuccino?
All my life, I've always been too old, too young,
too smart or too dumb.
Dune teaches us that the great weakness of the Imperial Saurdukar
was that they never experienced defeat.
An excess of virtue is vice.

The intellectual capacity to understand evolution
with any level of sophistication or even accuracy
is rare.
And we wonder why?
Our whole civilization is a Ponzi scheme.

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