Saturday, October 2, 2010

anonymous poem (found in our inbox)

'Up Your Ass'

today I'm depressed
I comb through old lovers in my mind
draft letters to them that I'll never send

Send them letters that I've never written
Try to hold my composure and look cool
not let on that I'm in love

My Doris. Would you like to know how I seek out for you and all the others
to fill me up.
But it's you I want to fill.

My Lesley do you know you represent the over sexualized synonym.
How I fantasize over my sink of you and that night you gave me the scare.
In your ass with you passed out in the fridge
How I cried out when you passed out in my arms.

And then I think of Africa and the big black snake.
I was told the man in the house will put a spell on you and sneak it up
your butt.

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Raymond said...

some kind of anonymous poem! obvious to most people who reads this blog who this (unless I am underestimating the readership). Do you guys have google analytics for this blog?