Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Big Pauper drops NEW FREE EP!

From Circle Into Square:
"Take a gaze through the looking glass and in to the strange and surreal world of acclaimed electronic producer Big Pauper (Portland, OR's Drew McIntyre). You will bare witness to a dust-ridden phantom planet consumed by tape hiss, driven by earth mother's waning rhythm and haunted by discarded memories of the collective consciousness. You'll see the stars align with la luna, you'll feel the walls of time closing in on you and you'll hear the haunting cosmic flicker of mind at large! "Cops Eat Flowers" is your FREE introduction to said planet. With this extended play release Pauper primarily builds his atmospheric hip hop instrumentals from discarded artifacts and an army of analog mutants. Your typical Pauper tune comes densely loaded with hundreds of B-movie snippets and self-help cassette narratives. The aural palette lying within the mighty Arp 2600 synthesizer finds itself littered through-out as well (most notably so on the Aphex Twin-ish "Now & Forever Hopeful"). Aside from the waxing and waning of relationships (an apparent album theme here) a big inspiration on this particular release is Zeb Love X's VHS-cut n' paste production for the classic KMD release, "Black Bastards," an album Pauper recommends over any other hip hop release.

Cops Eat Flowers is like relaxing with your favorite schlock giallo flick (maybe a Master P movie is more appropriate) after a long day of play... or walking through the woods at night with a head full of red lebanese. Whatever way you liken it, you are sure to enjoy your peer off the deep end and in to the abyss of dust waiting for you in "Cops Eat Flowers!" Don't forget, Pauper's full length, "Beyond My Means," is scheduled to drop in April from Circle In To Square.

So... g'won, drink the kool-aid. Pauper mixed it up reaaaal good for ya'll. Cheers".


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