Sunday, February 27, 2011

Support Brad Hamers & Big Pauper's Fundraiser for their Upcoming Euro Tour (& get one-of-a-kind ART in exchange)

The Plan:
Brad Hamers (cult poet, musician, collage artist, mental gymnast) & Big Pauper (acclaimed mash-up artist, electronic/psychedelic hip hop producer, circuit bent visual artist and all around crackpot scientist) are fund-raising for their upcoming tour of Europe. With little cash, too many instruments and a suitcase full of art & records, they are headed overseas in May, 2011 to play as many shows as possible, promote their new solo projects and find themselves (with a tape recorder) in the middle of as many interesting situations as they can. Back in the Fall of 2007 Brad Hamers & Big Pauper successfully toured Europe together as Two Ton Sloth, then put out a record with the sounds and experiences they gathered while there. This time they will each be performing their own separate acts, specially cooked up (with secret ingredients) for the occasion. They will be creating and selling art & music on the road, as well as collecting field-recordings for the next Two Ton Sloth project.

Brad & Big Pauper are greatly appreciative of any donation amount you are able and willing to give. With that money, the two artists will be able to reach more cities and more people with their music & art, as well as create more music & art on their travels. In exchange for a pledge (depending upon the amount) they are offering (here on kickstarter only) a variety of unique packages, all containing either one-of-a-kind visual art, video experiments or an exclusive track. Each pledge reward will be entirely different than the next and will be for you and you only. This is a rare opportunity to receive custom-made work by both artists, and at a bargain price. If you'd like a chance to support good art and hard-working artists, here's your opportunity. Brad Hamers & Big Pauper thank you very much...And assure you that your money will be put to good use!


and here's what they are offering for the different pledge amounts:

Pledge $20 or more:
Only Children: Exclusive one-of-a-kind hand-made art booklets containing an original collage on the cover and a hand-typed poem on the inside...each one is entirely different from the next.

Pledge $50 or more:
Exclusive Track: A recording created only for you, by either Brad Hamers or Big Pauper (or both of them together). You will receive your very own custom-made audio track, for your ears only.

Pledge $50 or more:
Experimental Video: Each video is made exclusively for you & created using custom-made circuit-bent-video instruments & original audio (either a song or spoken-word piece). Note: Each work is completely different from the next.

Pledge $100 or more:
You get an album of your choosing by both artists plus every other pledge to accompany it.

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