Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New FREE Compilation featuring Brad Hamers (& many more dope artists)

From Cooler Than Cucmbers Records (out of France):

"Cooler Than Cucumbers Records presents 'Salade de Concombres Vol. 1' is yet another step we take in the record industry. It's been almost a year in the making and it is today our greatest accomplishment, 34 songs featuring artists from all over the world (Japan, France, different parts of the US, Portugal, Hawaii and more). We decided to release it for free for people to enjoy freely without any constraints, for people to embrace music they couldn't or wouldn't in any other way, sharing is definitely caring.

released 30 March 2011
2econdClassCitizen, AbSUrd, Authentic, Awards, Brad Hamers, Braden Smith, Brzowski, Ceschi, Felicis, Ghostpuncher Deluxe, Half Actors, Ira Lee, Iron Fillings and Sellotape, James P Honey, Jiké, Jo Jetson, Matt Gamin, Melodica Deathship, Mouse Kills Tiger, Mr Moods, Murmur Breeze, Noblonski & Morbidly O Beats, Nomar Slevik, Pangaea, Papervehicle, Pierre The Motionless & Swordplay, Pumpernickle, Summon and Smear, Rezult, Sapience, Selfhelp, The Beastmaster, The Infidels, Walter Gross, Wormhole & Kaigen, Ghost Notes, Agent 8, Mattr, Staplemouth, Nemeses, Cheese, 34 Pro, T-Pick, Manraygun, The Walrus Nose, Edison, Meiso, Lxor.

Demonic mastering by James Reindeer.
Artwork & graphic layouts by holy Albane.


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