Friday, September 23, 2011

Video-Bending Instruments For Sale from Big Pauper

Modified WJ-Ave3 w/ Control Box.
Big Pauper: "Expanding upon the design of Karl Klomp this WJ-ave3 is the ultimate live glitch visual production tool. Every professional VJ should have one of these in their arsenal. As far as bending goes these things are like the SK1 of video world. It has an amazing way of fragmenting, fractaliz-ing and freaking whatever video you process through it. It can take any incoming audio and (if loud enough) profoundly glitch the visuals in a variety of unique ways.. all in real-time. I built a control box with a number of body contacts and potentiometers, all patchable for added control. I find that I don't always want to rely on an audio input for my projects with this thing so that the control box allows you to bypass that and produce a variety of dry effects otherwise impossible to produce. My modified WJ has 9 glitch ports, 5 ports for the audio signal (one with it's own independent wet/dry knob), 4 patchable body contacts, 4 patchable potentiometers and also functions perfectly in it's original unmodified state."


Fritz Control Surface.
Big Pauper: "The Fritz Control Surface is a grimy and glitchy circuit bent video effects box loaded with it's own strange charm and character. This device is capable of taking whatever composite (RCA) video footage you feed it and mangling it in a variety of noisy, disruptive and antisocial manners. It has a surprisingly wide array of different effects. It has ten knob based effects, three buttons that produce wild graphical noise and a patchable six-point sound-impulse based tonal manipulation section (put simply, music messes with colors). It is an incredibly stable series of bends perfect for producing dismal satellite transmissions, blocky 8-bit crap-scapes and vibrant lo-fi color drones. It is one of those beasts that the more I sit down with it the more new and weird effect combinations I discover."

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