Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Big Pauper's OFFICIAL Modified Circuitry Website!


From Big Pauper:

Alright! It’s the launch of Big pauper Modified Circuitry. The last web site was evident of transition. Do I cut back hours at my day-job and rely more on the modified creations or do I play it safe, keep going to work like a good little cog and make my machines when I get around to it? Fuck it, the initial support for this venture has been astounding and this new wordpress represents my decided dedication to the art at hand. It will be a slow build getting everything up on here (photos, videos, examples), as well as getting plenty of lab time in, but hang in there, I hope to update things as frequently as possible with the new fresh shit.

What’s on the horizon for BPMC? Well, inspired by the recent commission from the Portland Retro Gaming Expo I’ve been modding as many obscure gaming systems as I can get my hands on. I’ve got a few new designs that generate blocky retro-gaming like visuals and sounds, kind of similar to the Folktek bug series. I like the idea of creating a/v glitch tools that process both audio and video. Check the store every now and then, I may be putting some one-off modified gaming systems up depending on their consistent stability.

I will be traveling with my new all-in-one live a/v performance this year and using a lot of home-made gear in the process. I hope to see you out there as I will be posting dates for the fall Euro and domestic shows shortly. If you are unfamiliar with my music/video work check out Circle Into Square/Fake Four or my Sound cloud. If you are interested in booking me for a visuals gig, a live performance, a lecture or a workshop feel free to hit me up in the contact section.

Thank you ever so kindly for your interest and be well,

Big fucking Pauper. 2012.

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