Thursday, January 30, 2014

'headbugs' by Brad Hamers (NEW BOOKs COMING SOON)!!

headbugs, ugly thoughts, hall of mirrors, dusty hard-on, nonsense self, draggy guts, undone gumption, thin blood and rotund assumptions, wet gun, overweight trigger, ugly fun and no hum, insipid spunk, wearisome drum, gas drunk, funk motor, and emotive chauffeur, secret gopher, gossip rot, expressive dump, hope fungus and douche bumps, bulky pastime, heart plump, confusion fat, tongue slump, think slouch, read slow, digestive ruins, moral wreckage, antique abjection, from the pickle barrels of my waterfall gut, from the bone-tired mouths of those that survived, to the dog tied up to your mind, sniff out the money, snort all the joke, neck broke up to your pockets in collectable mud, thud from the ringleader, nudge from the landlord, equality thug, tug on the full-cord, our lows hit a high note, glass bleeds,   pleated views, cut from bigger fabric, rolls of laugh track lay out like used carpet, market cycle, one wheel, pedaling down the busiest street, head asku, suffering sell out, hammock smirk and life under your eyes, knows out to here, everything from garbage to pretty garbage, smell under the rose of spectators, from the bloody nose to the court,   stainless steel name, replaceable replaced hip, golden ticket, yellow # 5, flag on a point to prove, war moon, atmosphereless breeze, flagpole spine, cartoon life, bitter stripe, ungroomed and aloof, rapping at the grave, prosthetic hip, ghost-dancing with mirrors,     we were a  bout of fog, an undetonated bomb weighing down a payload plane, slack imagination doing sit-ups, the shape of things tabulated, trodden down, invented heavy heart and thrashing fancies, presuppose suspenders on heroes don’t hold up in court with fancy pants or suspending disbelief isn’t the kettle’s corn or obvious trail of blood to heaven, rush of gold to the head, sluiced out in cutting edge fashion, razor to the tape, head to the play button, dead zone center, (tape hiss) gritty soul, GMOhmygod, big bang kernel, multiverse marrow, intelligence behind,  design snob, beating the dead hobby horse, copy drive, prosthetic will and soft rind, mind lint, pocket full of needs, stained knees, adjusting to the beat, paint night with the black and blues, sample hits and whip the already running workhorse, morse code heart and steady ache, bow and cursor, murked thirst, satin flat inertia, remodeled models, gloss feelings, church shoulders, work is kneeling, recottled co-opted prominent worldview, OG peon, word is bondservant,  un-herd of fowl, sheep out of bounds, lap hound, idea drudge, domesticated faith, liver aches and existence withdrawal, substance junkie, ADD reality, divided smile, minus sign thru everything, spaghetti dick stimuli, limp hammer, a victim’s manners, and hard-on dust, rusted promise, fear of target, imagination ruins, ingenuity bones, flag carcass, nostalgic smut, (nirvana’s cunt), purpose soot, deleted foot, sense of self coup, calm robbery, zero degree good, domesticated dogmas, litter box comradery,  drunk heaven, slippery bliss, poly miss, intoxicated fist, fuck you, shit, piss and territory turrets,  nervous system, medieval castle, half benevolent gut, ugly instinct, black third eye, smug and lip synced, dumbed and pristine, dubbed and listening, bored and fishing, straight and twisted, raped and blistering, faked and missing, trickle down day, hard knock door, service entrance life, bard cocked gun, flower scented bullets, apple eye dud, pie in face petting, heavy oral, cuddle sect, and flying rug pull out, moral blanks, sewage banks, high interest thanks, calm me tanks, put me down now, grouchy out, prolonged ow, retarded milk, ugly quilts and passed down mud, blub substance, hoax goals, and hand down gloves, (occupy love)  i deal straight doves, bleeding hearts and strung out violins, ideals mugged and shot, revealed real and botched, bedsweats, (tossed) and dropped,  treetop mother, checkbook father, recluse martyr, bouncing proof, douche chills and strip malls,      headbugs, dirty dreams, ghetto mattress, nintendo actress, deep breath spastic, god-erratic, enigmatic and fretful, neck out was nuts and bolts, cold hard actuality, cash was gore, guts, dust and timing, free hearted milk, unelected principality, payroll butter, and garb-age slaves, dress your disposition, panic button up your headdress, feather pillow for hat, roadmap for head, this is blood on sheets, this is dead underneath, this is ghost, a haunted poem, a missing-contest, avant watering hole, guard the plug, pay the sponsor, rock your hardplace, sport the loss, sweat the toxins, bet the sore thumb, the hand won’t come  out attached,    win a pet injun, go home stepping back, mouth full of plastic bag, streets chalk full of plans, choke on the nothing, the neon gap, hoard worth for cheese and cooking oil, slipping on your big words, attracted to ugly signs and (y)awning, math in the grits bowl, a fraction of yourself, always only half me, slow mud, crashed rug, flying low, got god-blues

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